Groupe Simoneau
 has been designing and manufacturing Industrial and Commercial Boilers since 1984 for customers worldwide in various industries including Universities, Hospitals, Food Processing Plants, Pulp and Paper, Mining, Municipal Government Buildings, and other Commercial Building Heating Plants. With Simoneau’s  Boiler units Pacific Boiler Ltd are able to provide quick responses to customer needs.

Range of Boilers:

Warden – A high temperature watertube Generator engineered to meet the needs of hospitals, universities, and large industrial facilities. Designed as a District Heating unit the Warden has many options including a large selection of adaptable combustion systems, SCADA availability with touchpanels and integrated PLC. The Warden is capable of operating with a variety of fuels.

Maverick – Formally known as the AQT, the Maverick is an O-Type Boiler which is constructed for use with all applications. This flexible energy platform lets you quickly reach new opportunities and support your ever growing ambitions with it’s extensive capacities ranging up to 67  MM Btu/hr or 70,000 pph. No matter what kind of power you are looking for Maverick covers it all.

Commander – Available in 5 sizes from 100-200 Bhp in both low pressure and high pressure steam. ‘O’ Type construction with tangential staggered tube configuration, ferrule tube construction and an innovative internal downcomer configuration. UL / ULc packaged Watertube Series, with low NOx emissions capable of being produced as low as 9 ppm.


D-Type – The D-Type watertube model represents one of the most popular and reliable configuration for watertube boilers. Commonly used for saturated steam applications with capacities up to 200,000 PPH, its two large drums will always be ready to unleash power on demand. Optional superheater or external economizer also available to meet your specific requirements.

A-Type – The A-Type watertube Steam Boiler, with centered steam and two lower mud drums, offers a symmetrical and well balanced design. This configuration generates increased performance of up to 250,000 PPH. The A-Type boiler design offers a large volume furnace ending on two convection zones, one on each side of the furnace. Optional open bottom furnace is well suited for co-generation and solid fuel firing.