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Pacific Boiler Ltd, Autoflame Technology Center for British Columbia, range of products for Boiler Combustion Controls and Exhaust Gas Analysers


autoflame1AUTOFLAME engineered solutions are proven and trusted for some of the most demanding and critical boiler applications. Their sophisticated burner management systems, the result of many years of practical experience, maximise the efficiency of boiler plant and dramatically reduce fuel consumption, costs and harmful emissions. Many organizations rely on Autoflame to improve the effectiveness of their Boiler Combustion Systems. The results are impressive. Environmental objectives have been achieved through significant reductions in emissions. Lower fuel costs have helped organizations adapt to rising fuel prices and changes in the economic environment.

The AUTOFLAME combustion control units; Mini Mk7 Evolution and the Mk7 Touchscreen Controller, add superior boiler control in the form of; internal flame safeguard, PID load controller, multiple fuel curve memory, water level and feedwater control, and over 150+ options and parameters to finely tune your system. An all-in-one Boiler control package that will reduce the fuel costs and increase efficiency with a very fast payback schedule, due to air-to-fuel ratio control and precise monitoring of the target temperature or pressure.

Thanks to AUTOFLAME’s in-house engineering and manufacturing capabilities they are able to offer customized solutions to any boiler-room requirements. Modified control logic for low fire changeover, solid fuel applications, explosion proof systems and customized control valves are just some of the solutions recently developed for our clients.

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The Superior Advantage

Further increases to efficiency and reductions in harmful emissions can be achieved by using the Mk7 Touchscreen Exhaust Gas Analyzer. Just like a portable combustion analyzer, this state of the art sampling unit uses 3-parameter trim (O2, CO2, and CO), and also analyses NO with the options of analysing SO2 and NO2 – superior to other single O2 trim systems. This advantage is ideal for reduction in harmful emissions due to trimming just a single O2 parameter.



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The False Creek Neighborhood Energy Utility provides heat and hot water to a district energy utility for the downtown residents and businesses. Pacific Boiler has provided us with quality installation, service, and parts at our heating plant since the facility opened in 2010. With the addition of new burner/boiler controls, regular service, and annual testing, Pacific Boiler ensures our plant runs at peak efficiency and at maximum reliability. Their experience and industry knowledge has allowed us to operate as designed, with little to no expectations of service interruptions.

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James Koscielski-NEU Acting Chief Engineer
City of Vancouver NEU Heating Plant

Pacific Boiler supplied, installed, and commissioned our new Clayton Steam Generator that replaced an old-style water tube unit. The new unit increased plant capacity, improved efficiency, and qualified for multiple steam boiler rebates through the gas company. The technicians performed quality work, provided good knowledge, and quality service.

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Colin Kuang, Plant Manager
Viva Pharmaceutical Inc

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