oilfield1 Pacific Boiler Ltd can offer options for generation of steam at higher than normal steam pressures, or Oilfield applications requiring steam for equipment thawing or down-hole injection.

The Clayton SAGD Steam Generator is a complete, self-contained, automatic generating unit ready for operation when connected to the heating system, fuel and power supply. The basic design is a once through, forced circulation, spirally wound smooth tube heat exchanger. The Clayton design offers significant fuel savings and size/weight advantages. The Clayton design is inherently safe, with no possibility of a hazardous steam explosion.
Specifically tailored to oil field thermal recovery specifications, the Clayton SAGD Steam Generator is truly a portable heater. The compact design allows the unit to be skid mounted, trailer mounted or a complete containerized boiler package. This portability means that they are versatile and adaptable to a variety of field conditions and applications.
Compared with conventional steam boilers, Clayton Steam Generators are notable for their compact size, light weight and low emissions. They are prized for their reliability, fuel economy, fully automatic PLC controls, plus the ability to start-up and follow load cycles quickly.

Both Columbia Boiler and Novatherm Boilers offer simple and rugged two-pass firetube design Steam Boilers for mobile or containerized applications, as well as smaller vertical tubeless Steam Boilers 6-50Bhp in size. Contact sales@pacific-boiler.com for further information.