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We provide Alberta and British Columbia with the best solutions to combustion requirements using Limpsfield industrial burners.
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Limpsfield Industrial Burners

Limpsfield combustion is an industrial burner manufacturer, offering complete solutions to combustion requirements from standard burners to individually engineered solutions.

Limpsfield Burners are of an Industrial Forced Draft design, suitable for alternative or simultaneous firing of all types of gaseous fuels and mineral fuel oils, Limpsfield Combustion offers burners for a range of application inputs from 1-110 MMBtu/hr

Burner Features and Application Benefits - Designed and manufactured to exacting specifications, the Limpsfield Burner line is an exceptional combination of form and function. Every feature, from the powder coated finish to the sealed damper bearings and large viewing port, exemplifies the commitment to quality and performance. With the ability to orient both the fuel and air inlets independently of one another, the application possibilities are virtually unlimited.

In addition to being easy to set up and adjust, the unique forced draft combustion design distributes the combustion air in the burner head so that the necessary static pressure is maintained for stable combustion and flame geometry, throughout the complete burner firing range.


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If you are looking for a Limpsfield Burner for your business in Alberta or British Columbia, call Pacific Boiler today to go over your options with our sales department. Family owned and operated for over 40 years, we are available to our customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

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limpsfield insudtral burner alberta

The False Creek Neighborhood Energy Utility provides heat and hot water to a district energy utility for the downtown residents and businesses. Pacific Boiler has provided us with quality installation, service, and parts at our heating plant since the facility opened in 2010. With the addition of new burner/boiler controls, regular service, and annual testing, Pacific Boiler ensures our plant runs at peak efficiency and at maximum reliability. Their experience and industry knowledge has allowed us to operate as designed, with little to no expectations of service interruptions.

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James Koscielski-NEU Acting Chief Engineer
City of Vancouver NEU Heating Plant

Pacific Boiler supplied, installed, and commissioned our new Clayton Steam Generator that replaced an old-style water tube unit. The new unit increased plant capacity, improved efficiency, and qualified for multiple steam boiler rebates through the gas company. The technicians performed quality work, provided good knowledge, and quality service.

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Colin Kuang, Plant Manager
Viva Pharmaceutical Inc

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