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Clayton Steam Boiler Systems

Clayton Steam Systems are some of the most efficient steam systems on the market today. The efficiency of a boiler should be an important part of a purchase evaluation since the annual cost of fuel can easily be 2 to 3 times the installed cost of the equipment. Therefore, a difference in efficiency and the resultant difference in fuel cost can easily offset a difference in installed cost. In many cases, the fuel savings in the first year alone can exceed a difference in installed cost and, of course, fuel savings are on-going – year after year, after year.

Clayton Steam Generators utilizes the principle of counterflow coiltube heat exchanger which allows feedwater and combustion gases to flow in opposite directions in a single pass. The result is fast heat transfer, even heat distribution and no hot spots. Furthermore the Clayton Coiltubes are less in heating surface than traditional Boiler designs which makes these units attractive when considering plant Boiler Operators requirements.

Clayton Skid and Container Custom packages provide compact and convenient solutions that are fully wired, assembled and piped. You reduce installation time and costs while ensuring complete system compatibility and integrity. Simply connect plant services and you are “good to go”.  Portable and convenient in custom configurations to meet your needs. Sizes from 50Bhp through to 1,200Bhp Steam Generators, from 15psig design pressure to 3000 psig design pressure. Clayton Steam Generators – saves fuel, saves space, saves time, saves money.

Different Types of Packages

  • Steam Generator Package
  • Water Treatment Package
  • Condensate Receiver Package
  • Custom Package

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If you are looking to replace, retrofit or service a commercial or industrial boiler systems in Alberta or British Columbia, Pacific Boiler is your most reliable option. Family owned and operated for over 40 years, we build long term and trusted relationships with our clients and service our boilers for life. 

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The False Creek Neighborhood Energy Utility provides heat and hot water to a district energy utility for the downtown residents and businesses. Pacific Boiler has provided us with quality installation, service, and parts at our heating plant since the facility opened in 2010. With the addition of new burner/boiler controls, regular service, and annual testing, Pacific Boiler ensures our plant runs at peak efficiency and at maximum reliability. Their experience and industry knowledge has allowed us to operate as designed, with little to no expectations of service interruptions.

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James Koscielski-NEU Acting Chief Engineer
City of Vancouver NEU Heating Plant

Pacific Boiler supplied, installed, and commissioned our new Clayton Steam Generator that replaced an old-style water tube unit. The new unit increased plant capacity, improved efficiency, and qualified for multiple steam boiler rebates through the gas company. The technicians performed quality work, provided good knowledge, and quality service.

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Colin Kuang, Plant Manager
Viva Pharmaceutical Inc

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